Hello! I´m glad that you´re visiting me. I am enjoying my life as an artist and writer. I have been many things: a teacher of Anthropology and Animal Behaviour; a film-maker; a writer of colour features for magazines; a photographer and now….well, I’m expressing my enthusiasm for life and my views about humanity in graphic art and painting.


I’m a citizen of the world: my chief home is in the Cotswolds, England; I also spend time in the French Pyrenees, where I’m developing a print studio in Céret (Languedoc Rousillon) and I´ve recently fallen in love with Barcelona, where I´ve been studying Fine Art. I have exhibited my photographs from the Canadian Arctic in several venues in Gloucestershire, England, and shared many group exhibitions of paintings and, more recently, prints – with the Gloucestershire Printmaking Cooperative in Stroud, England. Aint life great when you can spend time creating ART!!

Hope to meet you some time. My exhibitions will be posted here.

September 12th 2007, Barcelona.


5 responses to “Me

  1. Congratulations! I love the public face & feel priviledged to know a little of the private person.

  2. Gilly Matthew (nee Collis)

    I was at school at The Abbey, Malvern Wells, with Jane Henriques. I left in 1961. I am organising a reunion. Please get back in touch with me to say if you are the right Jane Henriques, or not!
    Many thanks.

  3. Are you by any chance the Jane who so charmingly accompanied me to the Trinity May Ball in the summer of 1964? Have led a far less colourful life than you describe for yourself – married for nearly 40 years, living in London with regulation 2 children and (nearly) 5 grandchildren and still involved as a solicitor. Would love to exchange emails because life development is still a fascinating subject for me!

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